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Autumn is here and so are some difficulties for dog owners

13:30 - 01 September 2023

Author: B.Zsófi

Category: Useful

Every season has its own particularities, things we need to pay more attention to given the circumstances. Summer brings the danger of heat strokes and sunburns, while our dogs have to cope with frost and salt on the streets in wintertime.

As we slowly drift into autumn vibes, saying goodbye to the sweet summer days, we are ready to enjoy long strolls and fun out-and-about with our four-legged friends. Yet, there are still some things to be aware of, problems similar to spring time issues we can’t simply ignore during these months.


Earlier we could talk about autumn and spring season for ticks but thanks to the climate change, these typical weather lines are fading away. We have to take into account tick danger during the hot and cold months, as well. Mild winters do not kill the tiny ugly parasites, giving them the possibility to attack our pets. From spring to autumn, we pay more attention to tick protection but the collars have a periodical effect and it’s easy to forget about purchasing a new one around September. It might seem a wallet-friendly solution to leave things be, but we could put our beloved pet into danger! Tickborne diseases can be fatal, so it’s best to keep protection all-year-round. Ticks can survive the winter, they don’t hybernate. It takes deep subzero temperature for them to die, which is nowadays more unlikely in temperate climate areas. We always have to pay attention to ticks when we go hiking or take a pleasant walk in town.


Autumn walk – be aware of thistles
Autumn walk – be aware of thistles
Photo Credit: Bencze Zsófi


Hikers have to face another problem: the beginning of hunting season. Stories of dogs shot by hunters told online will surely leave some of us hesitant when it comes to a nice tour out in the woods. Being confined within four walls is no option for an active dog, let alone for months… The best advice we can give is to get up-to-date information on hunting dates and the areas covered, then choose a safe path. Another useful idea is to put a yellow or orange harness or clothing on our dog, equipped with light-reflecting stripes. Keep the dog leashed according to the instructions.


Vexed by leaves and thistles – remember those little thorny balls stuck into the dog’s fur? Yes, it’s a true nightmare for owners with long-coated pooches. Imagine you’ve just arrived home after a joyful walk in the nature and then comes the annoying process of removal. It may even take an hour or two depending on the dog’s size and the amount of hair. A balsam shower can be a practical solution: put some water on the dog’s thistle-mixed coat and rub a good amount of canine-friendly balsam into it. Leave it so for a few minutes, then wipe the area with a towel and brush the fur. This method can help you save some time. Don’t forget to dry the thistle-free coat thoroughly to prevent your dog catching cold.


Another method is to use an old fork. Fold the end back, slide its head under the thistle and try to remove it with slow lifting moves. Removal should be complete as it might be more difficult to catch remaining thistle pieces among the hair.


Mud can be fun for dogs but not for their owners
Mud can be fun for dogs but not for their owners
Photo Credit:


Mud-time and thus the fun our dogs find in it can be an ongoing debate between them and their humans. Though it’s quite a hilarious sight when the dog is immersing in a muddy pond, not to mention the joy the diving activity brings, but as soon as we enter our home, the fun is done. Head to the bathroom and wash the mud out of his fur to get rid of the dirt and the awful smell. Well, this can be tricky as some dogs would do anything to avoid a shower but all in all, it’s for the best – a clean fur contributes to a healthy dog, and a good feeling in our home.


Following these steps, now we are ready to enjoy a nice stroll in the autumn woods. With a little precaution and attention hiking can be an excellent refreshing activity as we lose ourselves in the beautiful view. Oh, and don’t forget about the possible follow-ups if you have other plans for the day ahead.

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