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Adopting A Guide Dog?

06:00 - 18 September 2015

Author: Horváth Nikoletta

Category: Useful

As time flies by and guide dogs get older, every now and then we can see cute photos on the pages of service dog training schools inviting us to adopt a senior. Sometimes it can be a young dog that fell out of training. But why should you adopt a service dog?

The process of training a guide dog is based on specific and strict rules. Dogs learn obedience, discipline and order through positive training methods. They grow mentally and emotionally but this weight is sometimes simply too much for some of them to take. It could also happen that the exams prove to be difficult for a young dog but the training institution can’t break the rules to keep her, no matter how promising she proved to be earlier. 


Öreg és fiatal kutya egyaránt kerülhet gazdikereső sorba
Old and young dogs can also look for a new home


When it turns out that a young dog doesn’t meet the requirements of becoming a guide dog, the training institution will have to make a hard decision. Guiding a blind person is no option for them in the future and hundreds of disabled people are waiting for a well-trained service dog, so place and time have to be given to other dogs. Adoption is the only way to find these dogs a forever home and it can be the best solution for families who are looking for a friendly, reliable and obedient canine companion. Training starts between the age of 1-2 years so if a promising service dog trainee falls out of the program, she will still have the enthusiasm and skills to adapt to a new home.  


Elderly service dogs have guided their owners devotedly all through those long years. When their time comes to leave their job and finally go to pension, some of them have to find a new family to give space to the new service dog, as many owners can’t take care of two dogs at the same time. Oldies have a calm and sweet nature, they are obedient and know what discipline means. Yes, it’s not easy to change their basic characteristics but why should we do that? Anyone could provide a peaceful home for an elderly guide dog, where they can feel safe and loved every minute of the day for their remaining years. 


A nyugdíjas vakvezető kutya - hosszú órákat fog majd pihenéssel tölteni
An elderly guide dog will spend a lot of time relaxing


One thing is for sure when it comes to adopting a dog who fell out of training or an elderly service dog who’s ready to go in pension: they have a higher level of intelligence, enjoy human and canine company and all they need is love and attention from their new families. Mental and physical exercise is important for younger dogs as their body and mind got used to various stimuli through the long months of special training. What about our little Oldies? Light walks, a comfortable couch and loving environment could be the greatest gifts they could ever wish for. 

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