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Rolling Stones drummer adopts rescued greyhound

11:15 - 22 May 2020

Author: S.Zs.

Category: Rescue

Suzie the rescued greyhound lands on all four paws with Charlie & Shirley Watts.

The Rolling Stones’ drummer, Charlie Watts, and his wife Shirley have adopted a rescued greyhound from the charity Forever Hounds Trust.

The greyhound, called Suzie, is five years old and was rescued from the greyhound racing industry.


Shirley Watts is an Honorary Friend and long-time supporter of Forever Hounds Trust, and the team at the charity are delighted to have been able to hep her find her newest greyhound companion.


Jan Lake, Chair of Trustees for Forever Hounds Trust, delivered Suzie to her new home and said: “It’s a really difficult time for everyone at the moment, and that includes animal rescue charities as well. There are still so many dogs that need our help but due to the extra precautions we have to take due to the coronavirus pandemic rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming a dog is a much lengthier process than it has been previously.


“We are still able to home dogs, but we can only do it in certain circumstances. Luckily Shirley and Charlie are well-known to the charity and we were able to find the right dog for their family.”


Forever Hounds Trust matches hounds to their potential new homes, to ensure adopters get the best possible fit for their lifestyle and family. While this has become more complicated with the coronavirus measures in place, it hasn’t been impossible, which means some dogs have been able to be helped throughout the lockdown.


Jan adds: “It’s so important that we keep working to rescue dogs throughout this period as there is no let-up in the number needing our help and as soon as we find a home for one there is another needing the space in our kennels and foster homes.”


As well as appealing for home offers for their hounds, Forever Hounds Trust is also appealing for donations to help them continue their work. Covid-19 has had a significant impact on the ability to fundraise, with charity shops closed and fundraising events cancelled.


Those wishing to adopt a greyhound or lurcher, or wanting to help by donating funds, should visit








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